• Our wide range of frames and lenses, coupled with their high quality, is well recognised and established amongst our clients.
  • innovative equipment in the laboratory allows our lenses to achieve the perfect cut and assembly.
  • we offer the best in the contact lens industry with professionals and high skilled coworkers, who will carefully select custom lenses to suit your specific needs and requests.

About Us

 Ottica Romani was the brainchild of Doctor Giorgio Romani and was established in 1927.

His goal was to create and develop a special eye care center with many specialists


After more than 90 years, Ottica Romani is now a nationally consolidated business in the ophthalmology industry, basing its professionalism on it’s history of success

Today, Ottica Romani is managed by the third generation of the Romani family, under the lead of Dottore Alessio Romani.

Our mission is to showcase the latest innovations and technology pertaining to eye care to the general public to show all the innovations about eyecare.

The historic headquarter

The historic headquarter of the Romani Family is the one in Via Flavia 122, Rome, which was the only point of sale for the company. Inside, in addition to the exhibition of products and spaces dedicated to services, it is possible to admire memorabilia that represent the historical and cultural baggage of the company, collected over the years and linked to their centennial work. The headquarter, which is built on three floors, is a real museum, where you can find the glasses worn by celebrity Sophia Loren, or witness the first customers as Pope Pius IX, King Vittorio Emanuele III and Mussolini who passed through Porta Pia on his motorbike to buy aviator masks.

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