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Our specialist performs non-invasive cosmetic medicine treatments: peeling, botulinum, filler and carboxytherapy for adults and also for young people who suffer from acne.

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Visits and home delivery

For customers unable to reach the shop it is possible, with a previous phone call to take an appointment for eye test at home and deliveries of products.

Center For visually impaired

Innovative products for visually impaired and blind people who can undergo to diagnostics and rehabilitation with instruments like Corneal Topography, Maia Microperation, Auto Refractometer.

Our clients are spoiled for choice with our wide range of contact lens options, and are always ensured that they are only provided with the best.

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Other Services

  • Eye Doctor in the shop

During the week eye doctors visit people in dedicated rooms.

  • warehouse and laboratory in place

Thanks to our warehouse and laboratories in place your glasses are ready in one hour.

  • Sport Vision

New branch of the world of sight aimed at athlets (tennis, golf, archery, precision shooting)that want better vision while playing their sport . With specific rehabilitative tools and performing programs, athletes achieve superior vision.


Ottica Romani is officially recognized by the ASL as a supplier of all the necessary aids to the assisted patients.

  • Eye Casts and prostheses

Casts and Prostheses made on request.

  • Acoustic

Auditory difficulties are often associated with eyesight problems; therefore, by appointment, the audiometric technician will provide a free hearing check.