To have a Romani optical piece is to have precious eyewear that is rich in both history and tradition.


Alessio Romani Collection

Design and tradition

In a small village in the Veneto region, in Pieve di Cadore, two brothers 72 and 74 years old, mold (the material) by hand, in acetate and cellulose, to transform the substance into unique frames with an unique style. Craftsmanship and tradition are the characteristics of their work that have been carefully handcrafted over 7 decades. A special collection of molds from 1930s to 50s enriches the work of these two brothers. Today these molds are used as a basis for new frames. This ancient technique, together with the careful professionalism of the two craftsmen, characterize these unique lines of glasses. Dr. Alessio Romani met them on a trip to the Dolomiti mountains, in Cortina d’Ampezzo and hired them to help create his own line, which gave birth to the brand Romani. A small laboratory, like a tailor's shop, takes care of every single part of glasses. This ranges from the sheets used, to the colors mixed in the fusers, to the flexibility and lightness of the printed and pressed materials.